Xilouris Family Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Xilouris Extra Virgin Olive Oil

offers the most basic substance of the Cretan diet, olive oil of superior quality!

Xilouris family, with a long history and tradition in olive oil production, is continiously trying to maintain high quality standards for the product always using extra fine quality raw materials and strict quality production and monitoring controls.

The result of this effort is an extra virgin olive oil with unique taste and aroma, making it perfect substance for any recipy or salad.

Xolouris Family Extra Virgin Olive Oil canister 3L

Cretan Olive oil is the epitomy of Cretan (and to the full extend mediterranian) nutrition

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Olive oil is the liquid gold of Crete"

Homer / 800-724 b.c.

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Research studies have proved the value and highlighted the benefits of the Cretan diet in terms of life expectancy and lower probabilities of health problems such as coronary disease.


(Menotti et al. 1999)

"After a mean follow-up period of 27 mo, recurrent myocardial infarction, all cardiovascular events, and cardiac and total death were significantly decreased by > 70% in the group consuming the Mediterranean diet"


"It appears that the favorable life expectancy of the Cretans could be largely due to their diet"


S Renaud, M de Lorgeril, J Delaye, J Guidollet, F Jacquard, N Mamelle, J L Martin, I Monjaud, P Salen, and P Toubol


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